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Will Preparation

Death is a subject most people want to avoid, but planning for your death can help your family long after you are gone. While you may not need a lawyer to draft a will, you may want to consult with one to ensure that it provides for all your wishes to be met. This is especially true if you have substantial assets or will be making arrangements you think may be contested. Having our law firm prepare your will also easily provides you with two witnesses and a notary to finalize your will.

Why You Need a Will

If you die without a will, state intestacy laws apply. These laws divide your assets between your relatives according to how closely related they are. If the state cannot find even distant living relatives, your assets will become the property of the state. Even if you are fine with the property division set out by intestacy laws you should still consider having an attorney drafting a will so that your family can avoid the lengthy probate process during which the court will divide your assets.

Things to Consider

In addition to thinking about who you want to benefit from your will now, you should also make provisions that account for future deaths or new children in your family. For non-cash assets, you should consider liquidity and tax consequences in deciding how to distribute them, especially if you are intending for them to equate to a cash gift to someone else. Finally, your will should account for future fluctuations in your assets. Once it is complete, we can witness its signing and notarize it for you. While you are not required to have your will notarized, it will speed the probate process.

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