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Municipal Court

Local municipal courts handle relatively minor infractions and many people may try to handle their cases themselves if summoned to municipal court. Even though the legal system considers municipal court cases to be small, the consequences still include large fines, possible jail time, license suspension, missed time from work, and losing a job upon conviction. To help minimize adverse consequences in a municipal court case, consider hiring an experienced municipal court attorney to represent you.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses include equipment violations, speeding, and reckless driving. If you’re worried about a license suspension or increased insurance rates, contact us to learn whether we can help you avoid entering a guilty plea to the highest violation charged.

Civil Violations

Civil violations include quality of life infractions such as barking dogs and building code violations. Although these are not crimes, they can still result in substantial fines, eviction, or the closure of your business. We can help you resolve violations of any kind.

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