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Landlord/tenant disputes frequently arise in Bergen, Morris, Passaic, Union counties in New Jersey. For landlords, these disputes revolve around one of their biggest investments, and for tenants, they involve one of their largest expenses. Our experienced attorney have handled cases for both landlords and tenants and use this experience to help you reach a fast, effective solution.


Sometimes landlords fail to see past the dollar signs and cut corners in their quest to maximize their profit. This can lead to them failing to properly maintain the property, cutting corners on repairs, or demanding unreasonable fees not provided for in the lease agreement. Other times it can result in harassment with the goal of driving you out so the landlord can find a higher-paying tenant. If you’re having a dispute with your landlord, contact us as quickly as possible to reduce your stress and begin moving towards a resolution.


If you have a tenant who isn’t paying rent, is causing damage to your property, or is creating a disturbance to other tenants, you may want them out of your property as quickly as possible. However, you should take care to carefully follow the legal process. Taking steps such as lockouts, withholding services, or other actions that could be considered harassment may result in you being liable to the tenant for damages. Our experienced attorney can help you through the eviction process as quickly as possible and seek full compensation for any losses caused by the tenant.

We also provide a full range of other landlord services including lease drafting, equal housing complaints, and general business counsel.

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