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We believe sound legal counsel can help avoid most disputes and prevent litigation, but sometimes litigation becomes necessary. When an amicable agreement seems out of reach, our aggressive attorney will work hard to build your case with the goal of winning at trial while still seeking a favorable settlement or less costly alternative dispute resolution process. Our first goal will always be to maximize your outcome when taking into account litigation expenses and the likelihood of prevailing. We will never prolong a case simply to increase our fees.


Civil cases include every type of lawsuit. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident, been injured due to a defective product, have a contract dispute, are being sued by a creditor, or have virtually any other type of monetary dispute, the case will almost always be brought in civil court. Whether you are a plaintiff with a claim or a defendant who has been sued, our experienced attorney will help you through the complaint and answer, discovery, pretrial motions, negotiations, and trial.


Commercial claims often are handled in a separate branch of the civil court due to their complexity and the fact that they often turn on generally accepted business practices. Our attorney understand the importance of these claims to your business’s bottom line and will work towards a resolution that is best for your long-term success.


Construction claims also sometimes require specialized handling. Determining whether a building was constructed properly, met generally accepted quality standards, and had adequate safety precaution often requires expert testimony. Our attorney are experienced with dealing with these experts and the entire litigation process required to prove your construction claim.